M1, M1-Pro & M1-Max Apple Launches New Models

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Apple always stays ahead of other companies in bringing new and advanced products to its customer. It’s What makes apple a brand in such a competitive market of gadgets. Recently Apple Introduced new models for its products.

Apple introduced the latest model for its iPod, Homepod & Mac M1. In addition to Mac, it introduce the latest advanced gadgets which they named M1 Pro and M1 Max which have more capabilities than the Simple Mac M1. Apple Considered it to be the most powerful mac book ever built.

Did New Mac Books M1 Pro & M1 Max really strong and more effective than Mac M1?

M1 is also the most powerful chip ever made by Apple but the company intends to innovate a more powerful Mac Notebook for its customers. The M1 Pro and M1 Max have a lot of features, especially for video encoding. Apple believes it to be a game-changer.

Here are some features of the New Introduced Variation of the M1 – M1 Pro

The memory width of M1 Pro is more than Simple M1, M1 Pro delivers up to 200 Seconds of memory width.

Its custom package supports up to 31 Gigabytes of Unified memory.

It delivers up to 70% faster performance than Simple M1.

It has 16 GPU cores for Graphics which is 2 times more than M1.

Increased Video Processing capabilities and now it has higher ProRes. It is one of the highest quality.

Main Features of Apple’s M1 Max

Higher bandwidth and doubles the memory interface.

It delivers up to 400 per second of memory bandwidth.

Supports up to 64 GB/s of unified memory.

Its Die has 57 Billion transistors, that’s 1.7 times M1 and 3.5 times M1.

32 core GPU’s double than M1 Pro and 4x faster than M1.

2 Video encode engines and therefore 2 times faster video encoding.

The best part of all of them is that M1 Max gives all these amazing features with industry-competitive power per watt. It means that M1 Max will give you higher performance with efficient energy consumption.

Changes/ Additional Features in MAC OS

Apple not only changes the M1 Chips but also introduced additional features in MAC OS. Following are the details of the additional features of MAC OS :

Now you can Run iPhone and iPod Apps on iMac – Which will open a new universe of possibilities for creators.

Advanced power management features enable the users to access the performance of Macs with power efficiency and also aid in increased battery performance.

Hardware verified secure boot

Runtime Anti Exploitation

Fast in-line encryption

All the Pro Apps are made universal so that they are able used across every Apple device.

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