Facebook Changed its name to Meta

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The largest social media platform Facebook will change its name to Meta. Even the first name of Facebook was “The Facebook” and later for branding purposes, it changed it to Facebook. Now the biggest announcement has come from Facebook that it is going to change its name.

The reason behind the change of Name is that Facebook is now going to a more advanced stage of the Internet called Metaverse. Seeking an opportunity Facebook took a big step towards a more modern approach. Will it succeed or not will be determined with the passage of time.

Moreover, in its recent announcement, Facebook said that they are going to hire 10000 people in the EU for creating the Metaverse and now it begins it by changing its name.

Meta a short form of Metaverse

Did you know that the Internet is near its end, and a new world called Metaverse is going to take its Place?

A life where Virtual Realities will take over our Real World.

Metaverse is an Online World where people would use different devices to move and communicate in a virtual environment.

Since 1995, We are used to running the Internet on our computers from outside? What if we are going inside the computer as Digital Avatars or characters and run programs and do work there?

This is What Metaverse is going to do with us.

 Metaverse is already becoming a part of our lives and slowly grabbing us from our real-world to digital realities. There are many games already running on the unity engines such as Roblox, Sim City, and Fortnite which are already Metaverse, a gaming Metaverse.

After the sudden spread of Covid-19 and the loss sustained by the people, Metaverse implementation speed is at its highs and companies are already considering creating Metaverse for Working, communication, Meetings, and many other reasons.

The Tech Giant Facebook recently announced that they are working on creating a Metaverse, in its recent announcement they said they are hiring 10000 people in the EU for Create a Metaverse there but it takes a lot of time and resources to create such a massive virtual world.

Tell us What you think will Metaverse will take over Internet? 

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