Facebook commits to creating a Metaverse in the EU

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A recent statement from Facebook came where they show their willingness to create a metaverse. A metaverse is a place where people can work, Play games, and communicate online. Facebook intended to hire 10000 people in the EU to start his vision of making a metaverse.

A metaverse is a virtual reality where people can perform tasks in a virtual world, which increases the communication and flow of information. It further helps businesses to act effectively. The Facebook vision of Metaverse came in the days where Facebook is already facing many allegations against it. A whistleblower raises serious allegations against Facebook that the social media giant hides information from authorities. Hidden information was regarding the safety of teenagers on Instagram.

The findings that Facebook was hiding contain the adverse impact happening on teens especially females regarding their appearance on social media.

If Facebook will become successful in creating the Metaverse it will change the way of doing things and the world will fall into extreme virtual realities where everything will be taking place on Metaverse engines. It includes meeting, doing work, playing games, video calling, and many more. The success of Metaverse will be an end towards the end of the Internet’s Era.

However, creating a Metaverse for such extensive work may require 10-15 years as said by some experienced experts. While many researchers and reporters feel that it was just a diversion plan of Facebook after the recent allegations.

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