Is Tesla going to accept Dogecoin after Space X?

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Will the futuristic car company is going to accept the futuristic digital cryptocurrency coin? After Space X Tesla will accept Dogecoin as a payment method? The Big News is coming soon!!

Dogecoin is now very popular after SNL and hit the highest value of 0.7376$ since it is in the market. The Dogecoin Community sustained loss as it fells 30% at the start of SNL. It’s been assumed that Whales sell their holdings that’s why the market crashes. The market goes a few points above at the start of SNL and drops before musk appearance. Irrespective of Musk called it a hustle.

Recently news comes that SpaceX owns by musk doing a lunar mission for a company that will pay using Dogecoin. The Project will start next year. After such a massive fall the faith of the Dogecoin community in their favorite coin Doge comes back a little

The biggest news is going to come as Musk asks in his recent tweet on 11 May that :

Elon Musk Tweet about tesla

If voting will come in favor of Doge then there are chances Tesla will accept Dogecoin as a payment method. Though Doge is very unstable still its community is very strong and that’s why it is sustaining.

After a detailed analysis of social media and joining groups on Facebook of the Doge community our team came to know that only newbies are afraid and panic as well. The most valuable comment we came through while my search was:

When a person asks about the fall of Dogecoin that Whether he will retain his holdings or sell?

Then a comment came from a person Is it the first time?. This Shows Doge community is totally aware of its volatile nature and believes in the long-term stability of the coin.

However, whether Tesla Accepts Dogecoin as payment or Not? Musk’s Tweet again makes the investors invest as a slight rise was seen in prices. No doubt if the futuristic car Tesla accepts the Dogecoin as the Payment method nobody will stop him from reaching the moon.

All the facts mentioned above are gathered through the experience of traders and investors of crypto markets and personal market research of our team. Bizztycoons will not be responsible for any loss incurred based on the information presented above.

You can share your opinion about Whether Tesla will accept Doge coin as payment method and will it help the Doge coin to reach moon by commenting in the comment section given below.

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