DogeCoin Is Now Prominent to Investors after Musk’s Tweet

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Elon Musk Tweet Surges the price of dogecoin
Elon Musk Rocket Booster of Dogecoin

Dogecoin grabs the attention of investors because of Teck King Elon Musk’s indirect support to it by making memes and Jokes on it and showing his attention to investing in dogecoin. Elon says if the majority of stakeholders of Dogecoin leave their stake then Elon will provide his full Support to Dogecoin. No doubt with Elon Musk’s support the Dogecoin will surge to peak, as a similar bull run is seen in the case of Bitcoin purchase of 1.5B $ by Elon’s electric car company Tesla.

What exactly the reason behind the long run of Doge is that On 1st April the Teck king Tweets that Space X is going to put DogeCoin on the Literal Moon it may be Musk’s April Fool’s Day Joke but it really boosted the Cryptocurrency dogecoin to another level as its price surges up to 29% and many people predicting about dogecoin that its price will increase up to 1$. This prediction started another bull run in the purchase of cryptocurrency dogecoin and his price started increasing dramatically.

Cryptocurrency Dogecoin is started by Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer both of them are software engineers who decided to create an instant payment system other than banking which consumes a lot of time and has lengthy procedures. The instant payment system is capable of transferring payment very quickly with just one hand click.

In the growth of Dogecoin Billionaire Teck King has a vital role which indirectly supports the dogecoin by making tweets and promoting it as memes. The electric Vehicle company of Elon Musk Tesla also announces that it will accept Bitcoin as a payment method to buy a tesla from them.

While These things are going on many people criticize Elon Musk intertest in cryptocurrency as they don’t think that cryptocurrencies are environment friendly and therefore contradict Musk’s vision to make the world a better place.

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