5 Step Mantra for getting job on Fiverr 2023

Are you a new seller struggling for getting a new job on Fiverr? Here is my 5-step process If you follow it, I’ll bet then you’ll definitely get a project on Fiverr. Initially launched in 2010, Fiverr was very easy as a platform is heavily spending on advertisement to attract customers and freelancers as well. In 2023, Fiverr is now crowded with sellers who are struggling to get a job.

One of the main reasons is Fiverr is absolutely free. You just have to make a gig and sit back relaxed waiting for a customer to come. As Fiverr is filled with a lot of freelancers so it’s difficult to get a job.

Tips for getting a job on Fiverr in 2023

The tips I’m going to share are personally followed by me. I’m a team member at bizztyoons.com and freelancing is also an attractive job for me as it’s a project base & I’m able to do it from the comfort of my bed while staying at home. I joined Fiverr accidentally while searching for a job online. I was not aware back then of freelancing, but in 2020 I came to know that. Initially, I suffered to get a job, it’s difficult to get your first review on Fiverr.

Then later after doing a lot of research and watching videos, I’m able to get a little bit of stable income on Fiverr. After spending a few months on Fiverr I understand the Fiverr algorithm and my earnings goes skyrocketed.

Here are the tips you must know:

  1. Make an Attractive Professional Profile
  2. Identify Micro-niche in your area of expertise
  3. Stay Online as much as possible
  4. Learn effective communication skills
  5. Optimize your pricing strategy

These tips are easy to say but difficult to implement. Let me help you understand how these strategies actually work and give you effective and efficient results.

Make an Attractive Professional Profile

Beauty attracts isn’t it? The beauty in a working environment is your professionalism, management skills, and how best you’re able to present yourself. People are not able to get into your mind & verify your knowledge but they see your profile. How well you write about yourself and your skills, your way of addressing the issues you are able to resolve & obviously how professional you look.

Let me tell you how you can make a professional profile for getting a job on Fiverr.

  1. Professional Profile Image: You must have a picture, well dressed up to half of your body wearing a smile, and a confident look as well. If you don’t have a professional dress just use Photoshop and edit it.
  2. A well-written description: Must write a concise but well-written description of yourself & as well as your gig’s description, your experience, and how well you can address their problem. Customers read everything before spending money, as nobody wants to lose their money for no value. Just convinced them how you create value for them.
  3. Attractive Gig Images: Create attractive gig images, for this, you don’t need to struggle a lot. Use Canva for preparing your gig images and upload them. Don’t try to copy other images, as a Fiverr algorithm detects and de-ranks profiles as well.
  4. Try to use your own Orignal Gig Title: The platform likes original services, so try to use your own heading of your service, you can use a keyword in it but avoid exact copy-pasting.

To be concise if your gig is to the point, addresses people correctly & gives a satisfactory vibe to the customer they will definitely purchase from you.

Identify the micro-niche and get the job

For getting orders on Fiverr, you need to stay ahead of the competition. In an environment where there are a lot of sellers already you cannot rank yourself on general keywords, for example, video editing or, SEO, etc. If you search this term as a customer Fiverr shows more than 50k services for these keywords.

Let’s take an example, you’re a video editor and you know that the demand for creating YouTube shorts and Tik Tok Videos is more, so instead of saying I’ll do video editing, say I’ll edit your YouTube Shorts & Tik Toks.

Now if any customers search editor for youtube shorts, there might be a few hundred gigs and there are more chances of you getting the orders. The first step will help you get the order here.

Stay Active & get a job on Fiverr

Fiverr is well organized and shows you accurate response time and activity status to buyers. Buyers are always impatient, nobody likes to wait, especially when they’re paying the cash. Most of the time when a buyer message a freelancer, they respond late. Fiverr gives buyers an option to see the sellers who are online, if you stay active there are more chances that buyers will contact you.

In my initial days, I stay active for hours then, I’ll get a few orders in a month. In simple words, the more in-depth you think about your buyer’s comfort the more chances of you getting the jobs and ranked on Fiverr.

Learn effective Communication Skills

If you follow the above steps in depth, then there is a 99% chance that buyers will start contacting you. This step is very crucial, because your one word may dissatisfy the buyer and the project will be out of your hands.

Treat the buyer professionally, be straightforward,, and try to listen to the buyer’s problem. Here’s the key step, whatever the buyer says use the keywords from the problem and repeat it while you tell the solution to the buyer. This will give him/her the sense you’re understanding him and increase your likelihood of getting the order. Communication is the key to every aspect of life master it.

Optimize your Pricing strategy

Negotiating the price with the buyer, before getting the order placed. If you’re a new seller, just try to be a cheap option for your buyer, especially if the buyer is an old customer on Fiverr. Here’s the tip if you still want to charge high, just check his profile and get more information about his relationship with the other sellers and check their pricing, hence you got the idea is this buyer pays more or not.

On the other hand, many new buyers are not aware of prices, they already come to you from the struggle of creating an account & finding a platform where they can get the solution to their problem. If they are communicating with you well and providing you with fast replies charge a little bit high.

Another strategy is to just provide a short range of services at a lesser price & then ask the buyer to pay more to get a premium service. Once, the order is started they are willing to get it done instead of negotiating on a few dollars.

I hope the above tips will help you in getting orders on Fiverr and a handsome stream of income. If you have please feel free to share in the comment section. Your opinions will be appreciated.

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