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When it comes to luxuries nobody can deny the importance of Luxurious Flying Fox Yacht. A fine creation by humanity filled with luxuries and amenities desired by every individual in the world. The stunning looks of the Yacht make you want it and dream to go high in life to achieve it.

Many people speculate who owns this super luxury yacht. Is this Bezos the founder of the biggest company Amazon or Elon Musk of Tesla? Achieving something this much luxury is the dream for many people unless you have billions. In this article, we will let you know about each and every luxury you’ll find on this amazing Yacht.

Flying Fox Yacht: Things you must know

There are many things about Flying Fox but here are some top of the list, you must know.

Introduction to Flying Fox Super Yacht

The Flying Fox Yacht was built in 2019 by super yacht manufacturer Lurssen. It’s the 18th largest Super Yacht considered to be the most expensive yacht ever made. Its worth is estimated to be about $400 Million. The Yacht interior was designed by a world-renowned naval architect Espen Oeino. The yearly maintenance cost of this super yacht Flying Fox is $15 Million. The maintenance cost is related to crew members, docking fees, repairs, and others. These charges are increasing alarmingly per annum. Affording the yacht is a dream, even if you’re not in the Top 1% club you’re not able to afford the maintenance fee.

Cost of chartering

If you’re not able to afford this super yacht you can charter it? Yes, you heard it right. The cost of chartering this amazing luxurious vessel is $4 Million per week. If you save $350,000 per month it will take you a year to save money to rent this yacht for just one week. Even, if you’re doing it you’re really spending an expensive vacation.

How Big is the Flying Fox Super Yacht

The length of this Super Yacht is 466 feet and it’s 74 feet wide. It has the 14th largest interior among all the super Yachts and includes 22 rooms for guests. It also handles 54 crew members as well.

Super Yacht Flying Fox Top Luxuries

The Flying Fox is completely luxurious but here is the list of top Luxuries you can find in this yacht:

  • Cinema 40 Foot: equipped with d-box seats and state of the arts surround sound system and there is also an outdoor movie screen on the deck.
  • Bar Area Mark Berryman Design: The yacht also has a two-story bar area if you’re in the mood for a cocktail party. This area also includes a wooden fireplace and a big dining table having space for everyone.
  • 22 Luxurious Guest Rooms
  • Two Helipads: these helipads are just not for helicopters but also convert to dance floors, so billionaires do their parties.
  • Convertible Dance Floors/Helipads
  • Top Speed of 20 Knots
  • Swimming Pools
  • Private Balcony for each room
  • A fleet of recreational vehicles including:
    • Four Jet Skis
    • Nine Tenders
    • A mini Submarine
    • Fleet of Vespa Gts Super 300s
  • Six astonishing Decks
  • 4 Spa’s 305 Square Foot each
  • World-class Gym

Other Interesting Facts

Here is a list of a few interesting features flying fox super yacht has:

  • The super yacht also has some top-of-the-class divers in the crew, which helps you in marine diving and safe you in case of any emergencies.
  • The Spa in Flying Fox provides different types of relaxing treatments including electrical facials, body sculpting & a rain shower massage that will take away your all stress and makes you feel relaxed.
  • You can catch all your Netflix shows & Amazon Prime videos in the middle of the ocean.
  • There are rumors that billionaire Jeff Bezos owns this $400 Million Yacht, but to be clear he used to rest on his billionaire friend’s $590 Billion Yacht named “Rising Sun” which was also built by Lurssen.

It’s not easy to get on this super yacht, but there are people who made & buy it or charter it. The World of luxury is not just confined to this one super yacht, this is one of the many superyachts in the world.

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