How To Stay Motivated all the time?

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Everybody in the world has an urge to do something extraordinary in his life. More than 90% of people are not able to achieve this goal. They try but after some time they are not able to continue it. So the main question lies here how to stay motivated all the time? Is it possible for someone to stay motivated continuously?

Motivation is the key factor that generates efforts in a human but there are also many other things that should be considered. Motivation also depends upon many other factor such as consistency, habit, Patience, and desire. These are the four main factors that determine the strength of motivation. After reading many theories by Herzberg, Abraham Maslow, and many other researchers on motivation I came to know the essence of these factors.

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Let me explain the relation of these factors in affecting the strength of your motivation and subsequently their effect on your productivity.

1.Consisctency- Effect on Motivation

Let’s suppose you become motivated to do a project. Your aims are high but you are not able to take action on regular basis. So a lack of action will not create any reaction in your life. Lack of progress therefore will cause stress. This stress makes you feel you are not able to achieve the aim. So that means consistency of action leads to results. On the other hand discontinuation of work is a negative force. This negative force will decrease your motivation slowly and makes you feel uncomfortable.

Conclusion: Do something daily instead of doing nothing. Small regular steps lead to bigger results instead of big steps with a lack of consistency. Something is better than nothing. Do something to have something.

When you will start taking such smaller steps every day you will feel some progress which will help you strengthen your motivational level.

2. Habbits- Adobpting necessary habbits will makes you to Stay Motivated all the time

Habit is something which we do in our daily life. Different people have different habits based on their interests and needs etc. Good habits make the person while bad habits will break the person. If you have some bad habit then it will consume your time and makes you away from your goal. The more you are far from your goal the more you feel demotivated.

Adopting goods habits are essentials because once they are adopted it will lead your progress to autopilot mode. Let’s suppose you are a student who wants to crack an exam. If you have habits of listening to music and watching movies all time your habits will destroy you. But if you have a habit of reading books the results will be different.

So, Make habits that are consistent with your goals. If you are an athlete build a habit of running, an entrepreneur has to make a habit of learning things and the list goes on. Adopt the habits that will help you in achieving your goals. According to science doing something continuously for 21 days will make it your habit. The choices you will make today will lead your life tomorrow so be careful in making your habits.

3. Patience- One thing that solves many other problems

A person with a high level of patience has the ability to control the strength of his motivation. Sometimes it takes a little more time to do the things. An impatient person at this stage will become demotivated and leaves his goal. This is like you are near to something but your losing your willpower makes you defeat in that situation. A person with patience is able to control his emotions and is able to see things logically rather than emotionally.

Patience is a highly positive force that helps in keeping a stable level of motivation which ultimately leads to success. Consider a very common scenario you are hungry and you go to a fast-food shop and stand in the line. There is a big queue and you stood there for a while and when you are near to reach the counter you lose patience and leaves the queue.

4. Desire- Lack of desire then how u will Inspire?

How you will remain motivated all the time about your goal if you don’t have the desire of achieving it. It’s not wrong to say that desire is the most powerful factor in staying motivated all time. If you want to stay motivated about your goal then first create a desire for that goal. There are various ways to create desire. Think about the benefits of doing it. The need to achieving the goal and how your current situation will be changed if you achieve that goal.

Such questioning will bring you clarity and later on creates the desire which ultimately helps you. There are many examples of people in the world that leads their life to success despite many failures they faced. Elon Musk has a strong desire in his life to make rockets that are able to land. Despite many odds, criticism, and failures he still succeeds in his aim and makes SpaceX one of the best space companies in the world.


In the end, motivation brings actions and the above factors are able to drive that motivation. Among them desire is the most essential thing, it describes the difference between a dead and a living man. If you don’t have the desire you are somehow dead inside, so have strong positive desires that make you feel alive and motivated all the time.

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