YouTuber’s Reckless Act: Jail Time Looms for Plane Crash Stunt

Youtuber’s views stunt gone illegal, in the video titled ” I crashed my plane” the well-known Youtuber can be seen jumping from his plane with a parachute and a selfie stick in hand. Youtuber may crash his plane but his parachute may land him behind bars. Youtuber Trevor Jacob has crossed all the limits for views by crashing his plane to get the audience’s attention but unfortunately, it caught authorities’ attention as well.

As per authorities’ statement on Tuesday, youtube may see a jail sentence for this offense up to a period of 20 years. The Video in which he has done the stunt has been seen three million times. For his reckless behavior, the United States FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) has canceled the license of the pilot on the grounds of unethical conduct. The young pilot is no more allowed to fly as per authorities.

Youtuber tried to trick the people and authorities by pretending his plane is malfunctioning, youtuber was flying a single-engine aircraft that he crashed in California’s Los Padres national forest in the month of December 2021. As per authorities, all the stunt was planned and properly executed by YouTuber, dangering his own life and others for some views on Youtube.

The Video titled ” I crashed my plane” is used as a piece of evidence by authorities to prove the guilt of the YouTuber. It’s the worst-case scenario for Trevor Jacob as his prank falls on him and the evidence is his own video.

Aviation experts, they believed that after seeing all the cameras the plane crash was normal and not a made-by incident from the side of a YouTuber. But the New York Times in his report raised questions. As per their analysis why Youtube was wearing the Parachute in the first place? As normally people don’t. The report raises some serious questions and doubts about Trevor Jacob.

Upon detailed investigation by Aviation officials and the videos of Mr Jacob, some irregularities came to light which makes the case more complicated against the accused. As per authorities, it has been observed, Mr. Jacob didn’t try to make an emergency call to the flight controller, nor try to perform an emergency landing even though there are areas where he is able to do. Not tried to turn off/on the engine.

Youtube is expected to formally enter his plea in Los Angeles, in the next 7-8 days and will be sentenced accordingly as per the evidence and conclusion of honorable judges.

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