Pakistani Freelancers Unavailable Amid Internet Shutdowns and Political Unrest

Pakistani freelancers are facing internet shutdowns amid political chaos. Freelancers are an important asset of Pakistan, as import-based nations are in heavy need of dollars. Pakitan is on the edge of default and struggling to get an IMF package for just $1 Billion. On the other hand, freelancers which are a source of dollar receipts in Pakistan are facing an internet shutdown due to political instability.

On the edge of default, facing hyperinflation and employee layoffs by the corporate sector and SMEs, the poor nation also dealing with political unrest. The effects of this political instability now drop off on the freelancer community who’s trying to get some money into the poor nation.

The internet blackouts come out as a response by Sharif’s government as the country’s situation becomes out of control after Khan’s unfair arrest by the present government. The angry political workers went on rouge and destroy’s state property causing billions of dollars in loss in a week.

Pakistan No 4th in the world in terms of Freelancers

Pakistan ranks 4th worldwide in terms of freelance marketplace & a large number of Pakistani freelancers are freelancing websites namely such as Fiverr & Upwork. The revenue from freelancing is continuously increasing in Pakitan. An average freelancer earns between 300$-500$ monthly, whereas top freelancers earn much more than these newbies.

One of the main reasons for freelancing in Pakistan is the lack of employment and business opportunities, but now the earning of these poor freelancers are suffering due to the fight between Sharifs and Khan. The losses are not just for freelancers corporate and other companies which rely on the internet also suffering. It’s been in the news one of the famous Pakistani youtube was struggling to upload videos for his fans on Youtube. A fair election seems the only solution for ending this fight and leading the country toward success.

A Glimpse of Pakistan’s Struggling Economy

The dollar price is on highest in the history of Pakistan, and the foreign exchange reserves of the country are continuously declining. On the other hand, IMF is not providing an easy bailout.

The GDP of Pakistan is continuously declining IMF change its estimate of 2% GDP growth for fiscal year 2023 of Pakistan to 0.5% growth. In fiscal year 2022 IMF projected 6% growth of Pakistan. Similarly, World Bank has also reduced the growth of Pakistan. The confidence of investors in Pakistan’s economy is continuously shivering and as a result, property prices are dropping first time in a decade, and the stock market also showing a downward trend.

Recently, after the incident of 09-May-2023, the Jinnah house is completely burned into ashes, and the dollar price went up above Rs. 300 for the first time in history of the Pakistan. The price was seen dropping by 12 rupees after the settlement of the dispute over Khan’s arrest.

Again Shutdown of Social Media In Pakistan

Internet services were initially restored after the settlement of Imran’s bail but the government didn’t accept the decision. The Pakistan democratic movement stood up against the supreme court saying the decision is biased. The new wave of political instability causes the government to again shut down social media, which is causing suffering and huge losses to the Pakistani freelancer community.

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